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Electrical Installation Certificate:


Issued upon completion of a new circuit or a new installation. Following completion of inspection and testing, an Electrical Installation Certificate, together with particulars of the electrical installation and a Schedule of Test Results, must be provided to the person who ordered the work.


It must be signed three times (by the designer, the installer and the inspector/tester) to certify that the installation has been designed, constructed, inspected and tested in accordance with BS7671 (the 17th Edition of the lEE Wiring Regulations - 1st Amendment 2011). A single signature version of the certificate may be used where design, construction, inspection and testing are all the work of the same person.


The completed certification must be handed, or sent, to the person ordering the work, together with a copy to be given to the user of the installation (where different). The installer, designer and tester should also keep copies for their own records.

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