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Landlord and Tenant information:


There is currently no statutory requirement for a landlord to have annual safety checks on electrical equipment as there is with gas installations but a landlord should ensure that tenants are given copies of operating and safety instructions for ALL equipment (fixed and portable) within the premises. The Landlord & Tenant Act 1985 requires that the electrical equipment is safe at the start of every tenancy and maintained in a safe condition throughout the tenancy.


It is important to ensure that all electrical appliances included in the tenancy agreement and permanent electrical fittings within the property are safe and in good working order. Unlike gas regulations, there is no

law that says a landlord should have an electrical safety certificate. But, should any electrical fittings or appliances within the rental property cause harm to a tenant, the landlord could be held responsible.


At the very least, landlords should make visual inspections within their residential properties and record their findings on a safety checklist. Ideally, these should be carried out by a qualified installer. However, there is no statutory obligation on landlords or agents to make professional checks on electrical systems or appliances.

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